Asuka Style,LLC (Sapporo Hokkaido Office)

【Address】West16  South1 Tyuoku Sapporo Hokkaido Japan

 【Director】 渡辺(LIM)明日香 Watanabe(Lim) Asuka

【Established】March 2021

【Capital Stock】¥5,000,000

【Mail Address】asukastyle.sapporo@gmail.com


Watanabe Syoji Co,Ltd (Kushiro Hokkaido Shop)

【Address】2-7 Kokuyo Kushirocho Hokkaido Japan

【Director】 渡辺元弘 Watanabe Motohiro

【Established】January 1966

【Capital Stock】¥10,000,000

My name is Watanabe (LIM) Asuka. I was born in Japan.

I represent my company and other staff members who work in Hokkaido.

I am married to a Singaporean-Chinese husband and currently live in Japan (Hokkaido), Singapore, Malaysia (Johor Bahru) and other overseas locations. My company is registered in Hokkaido.


We travel often to overseas trade shows to discover great and innovative products that are not yet widely introduced in Japan, and to promote and sell them in the Japanese market.

We negotiate directly with manufacturers to obtain exclusive sales rights.


I have been working in my family's interior design business for 13 years.

Our interior design business is based in Hokkaido, Japan. We have a furniture shop located in the city of Kushiro in Eastern Hokkaido, and we also have an office in Sapporo, which is in central Hokkaido.

In the interior design business, we mainly use European materials, such as wallpaper, curtains, moldings and chair fabrics. We also handle all aspects of the design process, from sales, to construction and management.


I would be very happy if we could build a long-lasting relationship with any of our business partners for mutual growth and to eventually become like a family!